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Age. 36
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Chinese
Location Hong Kong, Hong Kong
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Tuesday. 7.12.2004 11:32am
Stole it from Ashley:
[a]ge: 21
[b]estfriends: Celia,Kathy, April
[c]hoice of meat: Chicken
[d]ream date: Only 1?!!!! Oh noooo~~ Can I say Mulder?
[e]xciting adventure: huh?
[f]avorite food: umm... strawberry
[g]reatest accomplishment: Got 19 over 20 in European Background essay
[h]appiest day of your life: days showing X-Files 24/7
[i]nterests: X-files, English Literature, Gillian
[j]ello: All berries
[k]ool aid: lip balm and hand cream
[l]ove: tooooo much to mention!
[m]ost valued: my X-files videos, news-cuttings
[n]ame: Jacqueline
[o]utfit you wore to school today: No school, term ends already baby!
[p]izza topping: pepperoni!
[q]uestion most asked: Why?
[r]adio station: Dun listen to radio, sorrie~
[s]port: Swimming!
[t]elevision show: Loads! X-FILES, ER, CSI, Sex and the City, Monk, Without A Trace
[u]r favorite song: Again too many to mention
[w]here you live: Hong Kong
[x]yz: Favourite Letters!
[y]ear born: 1983
[z]odiac sign: Taurus

ya, i do yoga too, i think ill leave my dates all backwards, i kinda like it like that
Posted 12/7/2004 12:10 PM by Amisamil

i like how we all each from each other. how great are we
Posted 12/7/2004 12:10 PM by duchovnyinmyroom

i dont know how to unbold it. my comp doersnt show html, it just does what i want, i have to go on my other one to fix it
Posted 12/7/2004 12:46 PM by Amisamil

what IT want, exuse me. i WISH it did what i wanted
Posted 12/7/2004 12:46 PM by Amisamil

I like the new "field reports" and "cases"--very nice. Thanks for leaving me a "present" on my xanga, and yes, i did do my banner myself. CZJ is my idol, she is the bomb. And as you can tell by those pictures, im a huge shipper. Anywho, thanks for dropping by! BTW, do you ever post on the haven or anything?
Posted 12/7/2004 1:47 PM by lissie_pissie

... yeah me in hk! me been meaning to prop you and ask when you're free... and my homephone is 27940645 and i'll be home most evenings... so gimme a call~ that's only if you're free

we should meet up some time!! hey where do you live? if you want, we can meet up evening for coffee and a chat~

juz let me know.

Posted 12/7/2004 4:30 PM by carrotcream

wow didn't know you're canadian at all~
your dad is canadian?????
Posted 12/7/2004 5:06 PM by carrotcream

I am glad you liked the code!! i dont have to take the constitution test twice unless i want to... but i dont think i will... haha - mmmmm a dream date with mulder sounds very nice... and i love csi too!! haha
Posted 12/20/2004 6:22 AM by VBFoXLvR1124

Hey I hope that your Christmas was Great! Your new picture is cute! Gotta love M&S Playing baseball! hee hee.
Posted 12/26/2004 8:43 AM by GillyBeansShoes247

hey nice syte..




Posted 3/26/2005 5:07 AM by ip0d_minii

I love love LOVE you're site! It's sooooo cute, very cool.
Posted 4/9/2005 11:46 AM by GillyBeansShoes247

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Smell Good
Monday. 6.12.2004 9:13pm
Okay, I am back from the interview. It went well, in fact. But one thing at a time, shall we? Let's start with the meeting with Duncan.

As I said in the last entry, details. It's really fun to chat with him.

J=Me, D=Duncan
J: Hey, how do I look today?
D: You look great. You even smell good too. *smiling*
J: Really?
D: Yeah, what kind of perfume is that? Estee Lauder?
J: Noo...
D: No? It smells like the one my daughter uses...
J: *Your daughter uses Estee Lauder?!!!! She's just 13 or 14 only!!!!* Perfumes are very similar sometimes. I uses Lancome, Oui.
D: Oh I see. So where are you going? You even wear make up today.
J: *stunned that he notice* Yeah, I am going to the consulate. At 2 pm.
D: Ah, no wonder you can't come at 2. *laughing*
J: Yeah. and I just need someone to tell me how I look, coz there was no1 at home...
D: Oh poor Jacqueline. You look great.
J: Really? Thanks! *happy*

He's sooooo great! It's really good to talk to him. But poor guy, he's sick. We got sick at the same time and even shared the same symptom!! He kept saying he got it from me! LOL He said he wants to take me out for lunch today, but he's just not well enough to do so. I am touched. He really cares. I told him not to worry about that, and we can have lunch together next time. I wish he'll get well soon!

Ok, next. Photos.
Awwwww!!!!!! That sucks!!!! I thought I can get the photos taken and developed within 30 mins, but hell, noooooooo!!!!! They need an hour! I practically begged that girl to do it quick! She said I could get them within 45 mins. BUT! when I got there after 50 mins, another girl told me to wait for at least another 15-20mins! I was like, "what da fuck?! I am in a hurry!" and told her to hurry things up, I am supposed to get them in 45 mins! So shit! In the end, I left Festival Walk at 1:40.

When I finally got to Admiralty, it's already 1:55. I still have to walk to the Consulate and I got lost! I asked 4 people to show me the way and I just couldn't walk fast in that skirt and shoes! I was sweating and panting when I arrived. Luckily my make up didn't messed up and I can still have the interview. Thank God.

At the consulate.
The US Consulate is very different from Consulate du Canada. US is bigger but older. Besides that, the security is more strict and complicated. Bags are checked twice. No food or drinks allowed to bring inside the building. My precious water has to be thrown away at the first checkpoint... *cry* I regretted soooooo much why I don't at least drink some before I dump the bottle. The second checkpoint is at the entrance of the building. Basically our bags are turned upside down. Cell phones and other electric-appliances had to left there.

After waiting for a long time, the visa application proceeds. But the time is really short, especially the interview.

The Interview
There were two counters (we stand behind the window during the interview, and use the phone to talk to the consulate.) one is foreigner , female and my interviewer is a Chinese man, but of course he asks questions in English.

Here's the interview
J=Me, I=Interviewer

J: Good Afternoon.
I: Hello, why would you like to work for Disney?
J: Because I want to get working experience and it's a great opportunity to work for a big company.
I: Why do you hold a Canadian passport?
J: Because my Dad is Canadian, and I am Canadian too. So I got Canadian passport.
I: Have you lived in Canada before?
J: No.
I: Which school are you in?
J: City University of Hong Kong.
I: What's your major?
J: Translation and Interpretation.
I: When will you graduate?
J: Officially February next year, but the Semester ends in December.
I: Does that mean you will go to America right after the end of the semester?
J: Yes.
I: That's all.Ok, you get this blue paper and give it to the staff at the postal counter.
J: Thank you.

When I got there, I give the papers to that staff. She mumbles something like, "you will receive it within 7 days". I was like, "huh? what I am going to get?" I didn't ask her though... feeling stupid right now...

Called Kathy right after I left the building. She had finished her test already, but still waiting for april. We met at Pacific Place and went to Kiehel's. hoho~ Kathy girl, you need to save money!!! I called mom while I was waiting for them to come from HKU. Mom was like, "what the hell were you thinking to wait for your friends?" Whatever. Also called Duncan, but he' not at his office. I have just sent him an e-mail an hour ago. Not to leave him waiting~ :grin: Called Celia too! But she's having lesson... When she called me during breaktime, we talked a bit. Hope she'll get better too! (why are so many people got sick these days???)

Watched Stepford Wives . Mom keeps saying it's desipience. She told my bro that I am not objective, and worry what would happen if I am in love with my boyfriend... blah blah blah. I admit that's partly true. I am not a very objective person when it comes to things I love, but ain't it the same for other people? Besides, I dun really think the film is desipience. It's very similar to the Eng. Lit I had in high school. In addition, it's gelastic!!!!! I was laughing sooooo hard that I couldn't speak!

Hey, just some random phile here, I saw your comment on LoopyLauz's xanga, and was really bored so i found my way here. you may recognize me as lissie around the net, but i just HAD to say that your banner is FABULOUS! Did you make that? I absolutely ADORE it.
Posted 12/7/2004 8:47 AM by lissie_pissie

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US Consulate
Monday. 6.12.2004 12:06 pm

Very busy this morning. I woke up many times this morning. 6:15, 8:00, 8:30,9:10, 9:40. The alarm was supposed to ring at 9:30, but it didn't!!!! Luckily I was not very sound asleep.

Checked e-mail and got Duncan's reply. He replied we can meet at 2. But that's too late already, isn't it? So I answered what if at 11:30? I waited for 30 mins to get his reply. It's already 10:30 and I haven't changed, done my make up or even brush my teeth!!! So I rushed! I have made another new record!!! I only spent 10 mins to finish my make up! haha~

I even got time to return the library books before meeting Duncan. He was heating his cold tea in the "kitchen" when I arrived. We chatted a lot.(details later today) I hope he'll get well soon.

Gotta go for the photos! Wish me luck!

my hair doesnt exactly look like scully. ppl just make fun of me because they say im so obsessed, i cut and dyed my hair like scully, but i needed it cut, and i always wanted red hair. my profile pic is a pic of me now.
Posted 12/6/2004 3:32 PM by Amisamil

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Laughters and Tears
Sunday. 5.12.2004 11:33pm
Laughters and Tears

Sunday. 5.12.2004 11:33pm

I missed 3/4 of The Apprentice!!!! Because my lovely bro used the tape to record a programme this evening! OMG!!! I was so eager to see how and why Carolyn laughed so hard! *defeated*

Tonight's Queer Eye is the season finale. Sean is hot!!!!


(Sorry for the small pic... I couldn't get a larger one )

Gotta sleep now~ Nite nite!

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James Wong
Sunday 5.12.2004 7:15pm
In memory of James Wong

Went to work this morning. I just couldn't believe how can a Primary 4's homework can be so damn hard?! In the end, I did it for her. The point is, why would the teacher asks the kids to do the homework if in the end, it's someone else do it for them? It's pointless. :whatever:

Just read form the US Consulate website that the photos I got recently for the passport do not meet the requirment! SHIT!!!! I'll have to take them again tomorrow morning! Luckily I have the time.

I am still thinking what to wear tomorrow... Both my mom and Celia told me to wear skirt... but I am afraid it'll be cold tomorrow... Hope it'll be warmer... It's freaking cool and windy these days.

Kathy called me this afternoon. She told me that april is not free to go shopping with us, so... only Kathy and I are going~ We are going on Tuesday and to Mong Kok too! Yah~

Had a vivid dream yesterday morning. I was back at St. Rose (old site) again. I dreamt that I am preparing for fun Fair with other people in my F.3's classroom. I ran all over the building a few times and every time I saw VJ! *panic* Just like last time I went to St. Rose... I was able to "escape" each time, luckily. I even talked to R. Lau! She told me that my P5 class teacher has became a herb doctor. She even treats people there! I went to visit her. Surprisingly she remembers me! It's been a long time already. Unfortunately, when I left her place (which is a classroom), VJ was right outside. I freaked out, tried to run away, but he kept running after me and in the end he caught my arm. I was so scared and annoyed at the same time. I struggled and yelled at him, "LEAVEMEALONE!" Then I woke up. I was scared.

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Saturday. 4.12.2004 10:38pm
Nothing much happened today. Got up at 11:00. Watched a bit TV. Then went outwith my mom to meet my bro and had lunch together. After that, went shopping for a while. Bought The Stepford Wives!!!! Yah~ But I still haven't got time to watch it yet. Tomorrow maybe. Then went to work, until 6:30.

Home on the Range is hilarious!

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